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First Baptist Church, Tyler - Roll of Members - 1888


Askew, Casey Abbott, Mrs. S. F Alexander, Mrs. M. Aratt, John
Aratt, Mrs. C Armitage, Mrs. Nita Berry, Emma Berry, Mrs. Thomas
Berry, Albert Brown, Mrs. Sarah Brown, J. A. Brown, Mrs. Della
Brown, R. H Brown, Mrs. R. H Brown, Mrs. Eliza Brown, May
Bonner, J. H Bonner, Mrs. J. H. Bonner, Mattie Bonner, John A.
Beaird, J. P Baker, Mrs. M. P. Broughton, Mrs. M. E. Broughton, Selina
Broughton, Mrs. Sallie Bell, F. M. Barton, Jessie Baskin, Thomas M.
Baskin, Mrs. Janie Blair, Mrs. L. C. Burks, H. L. Barron, Mrs. Callie
Bludworth, Mrs. Wm. Butler, T. B. Booth, Mrs. Mathilde Boon, J.M.
Brosius, F. J. Brosius, Mrs. Kate Burton, Mrs. Martha Bibby, J.M.
Bibby, Mrs. J. M. Bell, Mrs. Emma Brower, Harvey Carter, Lula
Cobb, H. S. Cobb, Mrs. M. M. Cobb, Mary Cobb, Ava
Cobb, Clara Chilton, Mrs. Ella Cousins, W. H. Cousins, Mrs. Sue
Clark, John Clark, Kate Cooper, Margaret Cox, J. H.
Cox, Mrs. Mary Clay, Mrs. N. W. Clay, Belle Collier, Henry C.
Cloud, Harry Cloud, Mrs. Mary J Christian, Mrs. Laura Covington, Mrs. Harmo
Dupree, Mrs. M A. Donley, Mrs. Emma Douglas, Mrs. Alice Douglas, Winona
Douglas, Mary DeShong, Mrs. A. M. Dobbs, T. J. Erwin, Mrs. Laura B
Erwin, Mrs. Sallie Erwin, Stella Erwin, Mary Erwin, Nannie
Evans, Mrs. Mary J. Fleishel, Mrs. Florence Fleishel, Pauline Floore, J. W.
Fletcher, Rev. J W. Fletcher, Mrs. M G. Fawcett, Rev. A. J. Fawcett, Mrs. L. R.
Fawcett, Clem Freeman, Mrs. Florelle Gresham, Mrs. E. J. Gresham, Helen
Gibbs, Martha Goodman, Dr. W. J. Goodman, Mrs. Priscilla Goodman, Dr. S. A.
Garrett, Thos. Garrett, Mrs. Allice Gilliam, Ethel Grambling, Eliza
Godley, Mrs. F. A. Gauntt, Mrs. Tommie Human, Mrs. B. Human, Bulah
Human, W. G. Human, Mrs. Amelia Hamilton, J. J. Hamilton, Mrs. J. J
Hamilton, Mrs. M. Humphrey, Mrs. Mary Herrin, John W. Hubbard, Mrs. Sevena
Hall, H. Ham, Mrs. L. W. House, Eddie Herndon, Mrs. Mary E.
Herndon, Mary Herndon, Bettie Herndon, Mrs. Wm. R Harper, Nancy

Harper, Thomas

Harper, J. T.

Horton, Mrs. Lou Hammond, Mrs. Emma Jones, Mrs. Martha
Jones, T. N. Hones, Hattie James, Rev. Edward Johnson, Sybil
Jackson, Lectora Jackson, Amizona Klapper, C. P. Klapper, Mrs. Lucy
Kayser, Mrs. Mollie Kennedy, Mrs. Ida Kee, Mrs. Ellen Kelly, Mrs. E. O.
Kelly, Lena Kelner, Gay Lawrence, Henry G. Lawrence, Augusta
Lawrence, H. E. Lawrence, Ella Lawrence, Mrs. Lela Long, R. B., Jr.
Long, M. A. Long, J. J. Long, Alias Long, Mrs. N. H
Long, Mrs. Lillie Long, Mrs. Mattie Long, Mrs. M. E. Legrand, Mrs. Annie
Legrand, James H. Loughridge, J. H Lassiter, S. Lassiter, Mrs. Nettie
Lassiter, Lena Lyles, Mrs. R. E. Lindsey, Mrs. Thomas Lavander, James S.
Lavander, Mrs. E. C. Leggett, W. R. Leggett, Mrs. Jessie Leggett, Mary
Legget, Rosa Leggett, Matilda Logan, Mildred Lovlie, Mrs. L. D.
Maddox, Mrs. Lelia McKay, Dr. W. H. McKay, Mrs. Belle Mayhall, Mrs. M. H.
McQueen, Mrs. Mary Mathews, C. W. Matthews. Mrs. D. Moore, Lizzie
Moore, Hattie McCord, Felix J. McCord, Mrs. F. J. McCrary, Mrs. Joe
McCrary, Mrs. Mary Mahan, Willie McDaniel, W. L McDaniel, Mrs. W. L.
Montgomery, Dr. A. L. McIntosh, J. J. McIntosh, Mrs. E. McIntosh, Hugh
Milling, J. R. Mansfield, Mrs. Rena Mullins, Mrs. C. L. Moore, Mrs.
McCoy, Mrs. Norwood, Mrs. G. W. Nowland, Mrs. Mary Owens, Thos. J.
Owens, Mrs. O. Owens, Pearl Oden, Henry B. Oden, J. M.
Oden, Emma E. Overton, S. A. Overton, Mrs. Bettie P. Parks, Theodore W.
Parks, Mrs. Cora N. Philips, George R. Philips, Mrs. Ada T. Philips, Reuben L.
Pickle, Rev. O. A. Pickle, Mrs. E. C. Pickle, Nena Pickle, Carrie

Pennybacker, Mrs. A. J. H.

Patterson, Thomas W. Patterson, Mrs. Pattie Robertson, John C.
Robertson, Mrs. S. J. Robertson, J. A. M. Reaves, Stephen Reaves, Mrs. Georgia A
Reaves, Mrs. Bengie Roberts, Mrs. M. C. Roberts, James M. Roberts, Mrs. Emma
Roberts, Clemmie Roberts, W. W. Roberts, Mrs. T. M. Roberts, C. E.
Roberts, Mrs. C. E Roberts, Fannie Riviere, Mrs. Mollie Riley, A. B
Riley, Mrs. A. B. Scott, Miss Bettie Scott, Mrs. A. Stevenson, Mattie
Stevenson, Alice Swann, Mrs. A. J. E. Swann, Anna Swann, Willie
Swann, Maude Swann, Mrs. Sarah Swann, A. J. Swann, Mrs. Lou E.
Secrest, Mrs. Mary Smith, Mrs. Fronie Smith, Mrs. M. Smith, A. F.
Smith, May Smith, Georgie Smith, Minnie Smith, Mary
Smith, Annie Smith, Laura Smith, Mrs. Ella W Smith, Mrs. M. J.
Smith, Julius G. Smith, Mrs. Fannie Smith, Bennie Smith, V. S.
Smith, Mrs. Temple Smith, Mrs. Leonia Smith, N. P. Smith, Ava
Smith, Annie Shockley, Chas. R. Spurlin, Mrs. M. J. Sterling, Boswell
Taylor, Josephus Taylor, Mrs. Josephus Taylor, Delia Thornton, Thos. H.
Thornton, Mrs. Sarah Thornton, Mollie Townsend, Jas. V. Thompson, Mrs. Catherine
Tingstrom, E. E. Tingstrom, Mrs. E. E. Willis, Lizzie Willis, Ed. B.
Willis, Mrs. Alice Willis, Emma Whitten, Hattie Whitten, James
White, Mrs. M. White, Mrs. Addie White, Charles G. White, Katie
Wells, Dr. E. H. Wells, Mrs. Annie L. Wells, Nita Wells, Willie
Whitaker, John T. Whitaker, Mrs. E. C. Whitaker, Mrs. Janie Wiggins, Mrs. Laura
Wiggins, Mrs. Eliza Wiggins, Lizie Wimberly, George C. Wimberly, Mrs. Linda
Wimberly, Willis Wilkerson, W. S. Wilkerson, Mrs. W. S. Webb, W. M.
Webb, Mrs. W. M. Webb, Mrs. W. M. Waldron, Andrew Waldron, Mrs. N.
Waldron, Solomon Warner, B. F. Warner, Mrs. M. Warner, Sallie
Wilson, Dr. J. H. Yarbrough, George Yarbrough, Mrs. M. A. Yarbrough, Mrs. Olivia

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