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May 11, 1946 / ABH


 "At a meeting of East (ern) Texas Presbytery at Longview, in the Fall of 1880, a Comtt (Commission) was appointed to organize a church at Lindale, if the way be clear. Rev W R McLelland and Elders J M Shelby and Thos Niblack were appointed said Comtt (Commission). On the twenty-sixth (26th) day of March 1881 the Comtt (Commission) met at the above named place."

 "The following persons were received by letter from the Bethesda Church, (Perry County*), Alabama, viz: Lilly McGahey, W T McGahey, M E McGahey, W L Henderson, E S Henderson, S J Henderson, F S Henderson, Viola Dobbins, Jas McGahey. The following from Tyler: Thos A Love, Francis A Love, J A Henderson, Mrs S J Henderson, Hugh C Henderson, Mrs. Hugh Henderson."

 "The following were duly elected elders of Lindale Church: Wm L Henderson, J A Henderson. The former having been previously ordained was installed. The latter was ordained and installed, according to the authorized form."

 "The following brethren were elected, ordained and installed Deacons: Thos A Love, F S Henderson. The Church was then declared fully equipped for duty and the blessing of the Holy Trinity invoked upon it."

(The foregoing is a full and exact copy of pages 1 and 2 of Vol 1 of the Sessional Records of the Bethesday Church made by Rev S M Tenney, DD, June 25, 1925)

The name "Lindale Presbyterian Church" was changed to that of "Bethesda Presbyterian Church" at the Fall Meeting of Eastern Texas Presbytery 1885.

"This church has given to the ministry of the Gospel one son, Rev Franklin S Henderson, son of J A Henderson, one of its first elders. With very few exceptions from the beginning, the membership of this Church has been composed of the descendants of W L Henderson and wife. It is notably a family Church. It has constantly maintained a strict type of discipline."


W R McLelland 1881-1883
L H Wilson 1884
T W White 1886-1887, 1890
R N Smith 1888
C C Williams 1889
C W Chambers 1891-1894
W C Tanney 1900
W K Johnston 1901
Supplied by Presbyterial Evangelists, et al 1902-1912
S D Logan 1913-1914
R L Owen 1915-1917




W L Henderson (Wm Lee Henderson*) 1881-
J A Henderson 1881-
J M Henderson Aug 11, 1886
S A Vernon Sept 10, 1899
K E Crews Sept 10, 1899

(Mss. File, Paris Presbytery)



NAME DATE  Cer=Certificate
Ex=Expression of Faith
W T McGahey Mar 26, 1881 Cer
M E McGahey Mar 26, 1881 Cer
Lilly McGahey Mar 26, 1881 Cer
W D Henderson Mar 26, 1881 Cer
Wm L Henderson Mar 26, 1881 Cer
E S Henderson Mar 26, 1881 Cer
S J Henderson Mar 26, 1881 Cer
J A Henderson Mar 26, 1881 Cer
Viola Dobbins Mar 26, 1881 Cer
Jas McGahey Mar 26, 1881 Cer
Thos A Love Mar 26, 1881 Cer
Francis A Love Mar 26, 1881 Cer
Mrs S J Henderson Mar 26, 1881 Cer
Hugh C Henderson Mar 26, 1881 Cer
Mrs Hugh C Henderson Mar 26, 1881 Cer
John M Henderson Oct 30, 1881 Cer
Mrs M S McGahey Apr 10, 1881 Ex
Uriah Dobbins July 1, 1882 Ex
Miss E L McGahey
(Essie Lorila Dobbins*)
July 1, 1882 Ex
Mrs Mary Dobbins
(Mary Amanda Henderson Dobbins*)
July 1, 1882 Cer
Miss L L Dobbins (Luxie Letas*) Oct 12, 1883 Ex
Mr Parish Oct 14, 1883 Ex
Mrs Mary A Ferguson May 31, 1884 Cer
Mr Wm Henry Way Aug 26, 1884 Ex
Miss Alice Sophia Way Aug 26, 1884 Ex
Henry C Crews Aug 26, 1884 Cer
Mr J A Fusselman June 26 1887 Cer
Mrs J A Fusselman June 26, 1887 Cer
Mrs Sallie Smith Sept 1, 1887 Ex
Miss N L Smith Sept 1, 1887 Ex
Mrs Dora Henderson June 16, 1889 Cer
Mrs Forest Ferguson July 9, 1889 EX
James Henderson Mar 30, 1890 Ex
Miss Mary Hollis Apr 9, 1890 Ex
Mrs Joe Wallace Nov 30, 1890 Cer
Mr Joe Wallace Nov 30, 1890 Cer
L E Perkins Aug 30, 1893 Ex
J B Spencer Aug 30, 1893 Ex
Lovy Perkins July 29, 1894 Ex
Wm T Rountree Oct 28, 1894 Cer
H R Crews July 15, 1895 Ex
Frank Hollis July 21, 1895 Ex
Franklin S Henderson July 23, 1895 Ex
Pendulum Herring July 23, 1895 Ex
Mrs Emma Howell Aug 24, 1895 Ex
Alma Crews July 28, 1896 Ex
Walter J Crews July 28, 1896 Ex
A Sidney Henderson July 28, 1896 Ex
Lena May Henderson July 28, 1896 Ex
Mr S A Verner Aug 15, 1899 Cer
Miss Lula Flemings Aug 15, 1899 Ex
Miss Lizzie Crews Aug 15, 1899 Ex
Mr C W Fleming Aug 17, 1899 Ex
Edward McGahey Aug 16, 1900 Ex
Mrs Laura Crews Aug 16, 1900 Ex
John McGahey Sept 9, 1900 Ex
Miss Millie Perkins Sept 9, 1900 Ex
Miss Minnie Lee Henderson July 18, 1901 Ex
Mrs A McDougal July 1, 1904 Cer
Miss Rosa McGahey Mar 12, 1905 Ex
Miss Pearl McGahey Aug 12, 1906 Ex
Ward Henderson Aug 9, 1907 Ex
Mr Ira McDougal Aug 10, 1907 Ex
Mr Haley Genn Aug 11, 1907 Ex
Archie Fleming Aug 12, 1907 Ex
John Ferguson Aug 15, 1907 Ex
Miss Elmer York Aug 19, 1908 Ex
Mrs Alta Henderson Jan 1, 1911 Cer
John C Taylor Jan 1, 1911 Ex
Lewis Henderson Jan 1, 1911 Ex
Archie Raymond Henderson Jan 1, 1911 Ex
L C Howard July 25, 1911 Cer
Albert Jesse Crews Dec 15, 1912 Ex
Herman H Crews Mar 2, 1913 Ex
Roy Taft July 27, 1913 Cer
Henry Ferguson July 29, 1913 Ex
Mary Elvira Ferguson Aug 1, 1913 Ex
Charlie Perkins Henderson Aug 1, 1913 Ex
Mrs Hattie Low Aug 1, 1913 Ex
Mrs Velma Jones Aug 1, 1913 Ex
Mrs Lena Crews Dec 21, 1913 Cer
Mrs J M Henry Aug 26, 1914 Ex
Mrs Lottie McGahey Aug 27, 1914 Ex
Miss Lola Crews Aug 28, 1914 Ex
Mr Ed Williams Aug 28, 1914 Ex
Mrs Ed Williams Aug 28, 1914 Cer
Paul Henderson Aug 30, 1914 Ex
Mrs E D Henderson Mar 21, 1915 Cer
Miss Alma Clinton Mar 21, 1915 Cer
Gordon Clinton Mar 21, 1915 Cer
Clara Mae Clinton July 21, 1915 Ex
(Down to April 15, 1917)    
Wilson Ferguson Aug 1, 1917 Ex
Mrs Mabel Mitchell Aug 23, 1919 Cer
Mamie Mitchell Aug 23, 1919 Ex
DeWitt Henderson Aug 24, 1919 Ex
Ira John Buckalew July 24, 1921 Ex
Thomas Earl Prerie July 24, 1921 Ex
Lena H Crews July 24, 1921 Ex
Linnie Helen Crews July 24, 1921 Ex
Mildred Henderson July 24, 1921 Ex
Ralph Howard July 24, 1921 Ex
Mr Herbert Ferguson July 25, 1921 Ex
Pearl Pauline Vickery July 25, 1921 Ex
Leslie Crews July 28, 1924 Ex
Mrs B Beasley    

 Bethesda Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Submitted by Sandra J Coulter
*Notes by Sandra J Coulter

Thanks to Lawrence E. Oliver for pictures of Church and Historical Marker


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