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The Albertson Family

By Andy Leath

Elif Albertson, born 1845, Norway; died 1915; married 1868, Ellen Halverson, born 1850, Norway; died 1936; both buried Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, Texas. He came to Tyler in the 1850s with his older brothers. He was a merchant in Tyler with his brother Torje "Tom" Albertson, born 1832, Norway; died 1893, unmarried, buried Oakwood Cemetery.
  1. Amelia B. Albertson, born 1869, Texas; died 1942, Bosque County, Texas; married 1894 Smith County, Texas, Charles M. Moore born 1866 Texas, lived Clifton, Texas, 2 sons.
  2. Emma J. Albertson, born 1871, Texas ; died 1948; married 1905, Smith County, Texas, Eldred M. Holtzclaw, born 1860, Texas; died 1931, Smith County, Texas, both buried Oakwood Cemetery, no children.
  3. Orelia E. Albertson, born 1873, Smith County, Texas; died 1946, Fort Worth, Texas; buried Oakwood Cemetery; married 1905, Smith County, Texas, Leslie P. Blackburn, born 1879, Texas, 3 daughters.
  4. Christian Thomas Albertson, born 1876; died 1876; buried Oakwood Cemetery.
  5. Robert Elif Albertson, born 1877, Tyler, Texas; died 1913; unmarried, buried Oakwood Cemetery.
  6. Annie Albertson, born, 1879, Texas; died 1922, Smith County, Texas, unmarried, buried Oakwood Cemetery.
  7. Otto James Albertson, born 1881, Texas; died 1969, Smith County, Texas, married 1910, Smith County, Texas, Hattie Earle Mathis, born 1889; died 1977, Smith County, Texas, both buried Oakwood Cemetery. Her parents: James Martin & Eliza (Green) Mathis.
    1. Dorothy Earle Albertson, born 1912, Texas, died 1999, unmarried, buried Oakwood Cemetery.
  8. Fannie Albertson, born 1883 Texas; died 1959, unmarried, buried Oakwood Cemetery
  9. Lucille Albertson, born 1885, died 1886, buried Oakwood Cemetery.
  10. Percy Victor Albertson, born 1887, died 1888, buried Oakwood Cemetery.
  11. Harry W. Albertson, born 1889, Tyler, Texas; died 1954, Tyler, Texas; married Zoah Stella ___ born 1897 died 1991 Smith County, Texas, no children, both buried Oakwood Cemetery.
  12. Ruby Albertson, born 1892, died, 1893 buried Oakwood Cemetery.
  13. Leta Albertson, born, 1897, died, 1899 buried Oakwood Cemetery.

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Smith County Federal Census Images

  1. 1860 - A. Albertson - Image 82a
  2. 1870 - Elef Albertson - Image 0396b
  3. 1880 - Elef Albertson - Image 094-20
  4. 1900 - E Albertson - Image 098-10b
  5. 1910 - Elife Albertson - Image 69-01a, Eldred M. Holtzclaw - Image 71-11a, Leslie P. Blackburn - Image 72-2a
  6. 1920 - Ellen Albertson - Image 83-19a, Eldred M. Holtzclaw - Image 161-2a, Image 84-2B

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