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By Andy Leath

Samuel C. Baskin was born circa 1810, AL, and died 1863, Smith Co, Texas He married Sarah ___ who was born circa 1816, GA, and died in the 1850s. They were enumerated on the 1850 census of Talladega Co., AL. Smith County Federal Census Images: 1860 Tyler Beat, p. 96 - Image 0096a
  1. Joseph L. Baskin, born c 1832, AL; married 1857, Smith Co, Texas, Martha D. Mathews, born c 1836, AL. Smith County Federal Census Images: 1860 Tyler Beat, p. 96 - Image 0096a; 1870 Etna Beat, p. 58 - Image 0279b
  2. Sarah J. Baskin, born c 1833, AL; married E. D. K. Walters, born c 1833, AL. Smith County Federal Census Images: 1860 Tyler Beat, p. 100 - Image 100b. She was enumerated in the 1880 census of Johnson Co, Texas.
  3. Mary F. Baskins, born c 1834, AL; married 1869 Adam W. Rayfield. Smith County Federal Census Images: 1870 Etna Beat, p. 60 - Image 280b
  4. Salina Adeline Baskin, born c 1838, AL; dsp before 1870
  5. Samuel Jefferson Baskin, born c 1829, AL; living Hamilton Co, Texas in 1870.
  6. S. Eliza C. Baskin, born c 1841, AL; married 1860 Almon Barron; living Johnson Co, Texas in 1870.
  7. Emily A. Baskin, born 1844, AL; died 1917; married 1866 Smith Co, Texas, Caleb Barron, Jr., born 1848, MS; died 1943; both buried Mason Cemetery, Smith Co, Texas. His father: Caleb Barron. Smith County Federal Census Images: 1880 ED 96 p. 37 - Image 96-37; 1900 ED 99 p. 22b - Image 99-22b; 1910 ED 76 p. 10b - Image 76-10b; 1920 ED 87 p. 1a - Image 87-1a; 1930 ED 21 p. 10b - Image 21-10b
    1. David O. Barron, born 1867, Texas; died 1911; buried Mason Cemetery; married 1893 Smith Co, Texas, Mary Etta Dean, born, c 1871, Texas. Her parents: Perry & Eliza J. (Hill) Dean.
    2. Ida Barron, born c 1869, Texas; married 1891, Smith Co, Texas, J. R. Williams
    3. Sarah Barron "Bettie", born 1872, Texas; died 1921; buried Mason Cemetery, married 1907 Smith Co, Texas, George W. Sweat, born c 1876, Texas.
    4. George Thomas Barron, born 1874, Texas; died 1947; married 1897, Smith Co, Texas, Sarah Alice Musslewhite, born 1875 TX; died 1954; both buried Mason Cemetery. Her parents: S. C. C. & Mary C. (Robinson/Robertson) Musslewhite.
    5. Leroy Barron "Roy", born 1877, Texas; died 1960; married 1903, Smith Co, Texas, Vera Washington, born 1888, Texas; died 1968, Rusk Co, Texas, both buried Mason Cemetery. Her parents: ___ & Amanda Washington.
  8. William Baskin, born c 1844, AL, dsp before 1863
  9. Thomas M. Baskin, born 1846, AL; died 1926; married 1878, Smith Co, Texas, Jane E. Walker "Jennie", born 1856, Texas; died 1937; both buried Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, Texas. Her parents: Mason Daniel & Elizabeth A. Walker. Smith County Federal Census Images: 1880 ED 94 p. 31 - Image 94-31; 1900 ED 98 p. 17a - Image 98-17a; 1920 ED 83 p. 12b - Image 83-12b; 1930 ED 11 p. 7b - Image 11-7b
    1. Maggie Lee Baskin, born 1879, Texas; died 1881; buried Oakwood Cemetery.
    2. George Mason Baskin, born 1881, died 1898, buried Oakwood Cemetery
    3. Nellie Baskin, born 1883, Texas; died 1958; married 1906 Smith Co, Texas, Irvin R. Godfrey, born 1875, MI; died 1938; both buried Oakwood Cemetery.
    4. Thomas Richard Baskin, born 1887, died 1887, buried Oakwood Cemetery
    5. Hubert M. Baskin, born 1893, Texas; died 1955; married 1917 Smith Co, Texas, Bonnie Fay Sewell, born 1896, Texas; died 1981, Smith Co, Texas, both buried Oakwood Cemetery. Her parents: Frank S. & Annie J. (Kellis) Sewell.
    6. Annie Lucile Baskin, born 1895, Texas; died 1976 Smith Co, Texas; buried Oakwood Cemetery, unmarried.
  10. Martha Ann Missouri Baskin, born c 1848, AL; married 1869, Smith Co, Texas, Obediah Childress, born c 1847, MS. His parents: John & Narcissa Childress. Smith County Federal Census Images: 1870 Canton Beat, p. 17 - Image 0227a. They were enumerated on the 1880 census of Anderson Co, Texas.
  11. George W. Baskin, born c 1850, AL; married 1879 Smith Co, Texas, Amelia M. Thompson, born c 1860 TX. Smith County Federal Census Images: 1880 ED 97 p. 20 - Image 97-20; 1900 ED 98 p. 9a - Image 98-9a.
    1. child died before 1900
    2. W. Franklin Baskin "Frank", born 1883, Texas; died 1912; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, Texas, married 1910 Smith Co, Texas, Oda Brewster born c 1894 TX. Her father: Lonzo S. Brewster.
  12. Georgia Ann Baskin, born c 1853, AL
  13. John Frank Baskin, born c 1856, AL; married 1876 Smith Co, Texas, Clifton Whitman "Cliffie", born c 1861, MS. Smith County Federal Census Images: 1880 ED 98 p. 12. - Image 98-12

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Related Website: The Family of Obediah Childress (1846-1936)

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