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By Andy Leath

Tarlton W. Brown was married Eliza W. Thurmond who was born 1823, VA and died 1903. She is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, Texas. She came to Tyler, Texas, in the 1870s. They may have had other children, but these six lived in Tyler. Smith County Federal Census Images: 1880 ED 94 p. 46 - Image 094-46
  1. 1. John Anderson Brown, born 1844, Albemarle Co., VA; died 1922, Tyler, Texas, married 1871 Smith Co, Texas, Emma Adele Sanford, born 1848, MS; died 1930; both buried Oakwood Cemetery. He moved to Tyler in 1869. Her parents: John A. & Narcissa (Rabb) Sanford. Smith County Federal Census Images: 1870, Tyler Beat p. 43 - Image 0412a, 1880 ED 94 p. 26 - Image 094-26, 1900 ED 98 p. 22b - Image 098-22b, 1910 ED 69 p. 10b - Image 069-10b, 1920 ED 83 p. 6b - Image 083-6b, 1930 ED 11 p. 3B - Image 11-3b
    1. John Jacob Brown, born c 1873, Texas; married c 1922 Katherine ___, born c 1885 MO; no children; lived NJ
    2. Richard T. Brown, born 1876, died 1878, buried Oakwood Cemetery.
    3. Norval Wilson Brown "Nod", born, 1878, Texas; died 1947 Dallas, Texas; buried Oakwood Cemetery; married Alice T. ___, born c 1881, TN, no children.
    4. Harry Sanford Brown, born 1881, Texas; married c 1920 Marjorie ___, born c 1892, MA; lived New York City and Elizabeth, NJ
    5. Willette Brown, born 1886, Texas died; 1962, Tyler, Texas; married Strother Pledger Burke, Jr., born 1883; died 1960; no children; both buried Oakwood Cemetery. His parents: Strother Pledger & Sarah Paulina (Moore) Burke.
  2. Richard Henry Brown, born 1846, Albemarle Co., VA; died 1924 Dallas; TX, married 1874 Smith Co, Texas, Nancy Margaret (Friou) Jones "Maggie" born c 1851, Texas; died 1884; both buried Oakwood Cemetery. He came to Tyler about 1871 and was a merchant. She was the widow of Robert Jones. Her parents: Samuel & Nancy Margaret (Evans) Friou.
    Richard Henry Brown married second c 1886 Martha Virginia (Logan) Philips, born 1855, TN; died 1927, Tyler, Texas; buried Oakwood Cemetery, no children. Her parents: David & Sarah (Marbury) Logan. She was a teacher in Tyler. Smith County Federal Census Images: 1880 ED 94 p. 15 - Image 094-15, 1900 ED 96 p. 7a - Image 96-7a, 1910 ED 64 p. 6b - Image 64-6b, 1920 ED 79 p. 6b - Image 79-6b.
    1. May Evans Brown, born 1875, Texas; died 1972; married 1895, Smith Co, Texas, Albert Francis Sledge, born 1870; died 1945, Tyler, Texas; both buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Tyler, Texas. He was president of Moore Grocery Co., Sledge Manufacturing Co., and Tyler Produce Co., a vice-president of Citizens National Bank and U. S. Wholesale Grocers Assn. His parents: Marcus & Susan C. (Moore) Sledge.
    2. Maggie Gayle Brown, born 1877, Texas; died 1888 Tyler, Texas; buried Oakwood Cemetery.
    3. Lettie Stokes Brown, born 1879, Texas; died 1970; buried Oakwood Cemetery; married c 1897 Gaylord Warner, born 1877, CT; lived Minneapolis, MN
    4. Richard Henry Brown, Jr., born 1881, Texas; died 1930, Smith Co, Texas; married 1910 Smith Co, Texas, Susan B. Cox, born 1881, Texas; died 1954, Tyler, Texas; both buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Tyler, Texas, no children. Her parents: Samuel H. & Mary Holmes (Jones) Cox.
    5. child Brown, died in infancy, buried Oakwood Cemetery.
  3. M. C. Brown, born 1848, died 1886, buried Oakwood Cemetery.
  4. Maurice Tarleton Brown, born c 1851, VA; died 1923, Dallas Co, Texas, buried Oak Cliff Cemetery, Dallas, Texas; married 1874 in Smith Co, Texas, Lucretia Sledge Robertson "Lula", born c 1854, Texas; died before 1900 New Orleans, LA. Her parents: John Charles & Sara ( Goodman ) Robertson. Smith County Federal Census Images: 1880 ED 94 p. 32 - Image 094-32
    1. Flaurence Brown, born 1874, Texas, died 1956; married c 1894 Wiley Lee Coleman, born 1873, MS; died 1947 Dallas Co, Texas; both buried Oak Cliff Cemetery, Dallas, Texas.
    2. Maurice Tarleton Brown, Jr., born 1876, Texas; died 1935, Dallas Co, Texas; married c1914, Mary T. ___, born c 1878, PA; lived Dallas, Texas.
    3. Lula R. Brown, born 1880, died 1963, married William M. Coleman, born 1880, Texas, died 1944; both buried Oak Cliff Cemetery, Dallas. TX.
    4. Daniel Sears Brown, born 1882, Tyler, Texas; died 1929 Tyler, Texas; buried Oak Cliff Cemetery, Dallas, Texas, married 1922 Weatherford, Texas, Lucile Berry, no children
  5. Thomas M. Brown, born 1860 Cobham, VA; died 1884, Tyler, Texas; buried Oakwood Cemetery.
  6. Florence L. Brown, born c 1865, VA; married 1885 Smith Co, Texas, Thomas T. Cotnam; lived Little Rock, AR.

Sources Of Information:

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Texans Who Wore The Gray , Sid S. Johnson, self published.

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