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by Alliene Gaston Coker

History of Tyler and the Gaston Family

Finis Ewing Fox Gaston Family

Robert Ebenezer Family

Joseph H. Fleming Family

Hugh Gaston, our great great grandfather married Martha McClure.

Their children were as follows:

  1. John Gaston, our great grandfather, married Mary Kirkpatrick of Tennessee, moved to Alabama and established Gastonburg, Ala. The children of John Gaston and Mary Kirkpatrick were as follows:
    1. Hugh Gaston married Elizabeth Hadden
    2. Martha Gaston married 1st James Kirkpatrick 2nd Wash Bell
    3. Robert Gaston married Leticia Southerd.
      1. Priscilla Gaston married Dr. William Jefferies Goodman
    4. Celina Gaston married West Arrington
    5. John Gaston, unmarried - died at 24 year
    6. Ebenezer Gaston, our grandfather married 1st Caroline Fox 2nd Agnes Fox. Ebenezer Gaston and Caroline Fox's children were as follows:
      1. John William, born Dec 22, 1846 married Emma C. Gaston
      2. Finis Ewing Fox born Oct. 7, 1849 died July 16, 1913. Married Bessie Clarinda James May 4, 1876. Bessie died Mar 24, 1932
      3. Robert Ebenezer born Oct 14, 1851 Married Carrie Baldwin.
      4. Nathan Alexander born Nov 4, 1853 married Mollie Woodward.
      5. Mary Margaret born Jan 22, 1856 married James Love died May 2, 1885
      6. Joseph H. Flemingborn March 3, 1858 married Lula Johnson. Joseph Fleming died May 2, 1926, Vinita, Okla and wife died Feb 11, 1941 in Vinita.
    7. Elizabeth Jane Gaston married Edgar Fluker of Ala.
    8. Thomas Alexander Gaston married 1st Mary Jane Williamson 2nd Sallie Palmer
    9. David Finis Gaston married Mary Fluker, Gastonburg, Ala.
    10. Eliza Gaston died at the age of seven.
  2. Mary Gaston married David Boyd of Alabama
  3. Hugh Gaston married Adaline Kee.
  4. Margaret Gaston married 1st Charles Weir 2nd Mr. Inge

It was said that the Gaston Family had three marked peculiarities: One was that they named each generation after each other and it was unknown to have any but family names. The other was their clannish habits. When one member of the family moved from one country to the other, the rest were sure to follow. The next was, with few exceptions, their men never married early in life.

There were three Gaston families living in Tyler in late 1800s - History of Tyler and the Gaston Family

A special thanks to Joe Gaston who transcribed this manuscript and to Ann Stubblefield Ince of Knoxville, TN, granddaughter of Alliene Gaston Coker, for giving permission to publish the manuscript.

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