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By Gayle Basaldu

Henry D. Collier married Elizabeth H. White, born 23 JAN 1803 near Raleigh, NC, in 1825. They came to Smith County sometime after the 1850 Census was taken. In 1854 H. D. Collier was listed as a Master Mason of Canton Lodge No. 98. Henry's Will was signed 1 September 1858 and probated 18 November 1858. Elizabeth lived a widow for 25 years. She was consistent member of the M.E. Church for fifty-six years, and worked for the church. She died suddenly 22 SEP 1882.
  1. Rufus R. Collier, born 20 SEP 1825, NC, died 24 FEB 1884. He is buried in the Elkins Cemetery, Smith Co, Texas. He married (1) Sarah Ann Obertheis, 3 AUG 1952, Smith Co, Texas. (2) Louisa Applewhite, 11 SEP 1864. In 1852 R. R Collier was listed as a Master Mason of Canton Lodge No. 98.
    1. Laura, born ca 1854
    2. John, born cac1856
    3. Martha, born cac1866
    4. H. Clay, born cac1867
    5. Joshua Billings, born ca 1869
    6. Linda, born ca 1871
    7. Mattie, born ca 1873
    8. Dick Hubbard, born ca 1876
    9. Affie, born ca 1879
  2. William H. Collier
  3. Thomas A. Collier
  4. Thaddeus B. Collier
  5. Mary Collier, born 30 MAR 1831, TN, died 14 MAR 1924. She married Moses Pace, 4 NOV 1853 in Smith Co, Texas He was born 15 MAY 1828 and died 2 FEB 1913. They are both buried in the Mason Cemetery, Smith Co, Texas - "Old Settlers", Troupe Banner, April 14, 1905.
    1. Nancy, born ca 1855
    2. Noel E., born ca 1859 He married Mollie E. Summers, 23 DEC 1882
    3. Henry H., born 11 DEC 1865, died 15 JUN 1943, Buried in Mason Cemetery, Smith County, Texas. Married Mrs. Fannie Jackson, 11 Sep 1911. She was born 15 NOV 1871 (no death date)
    4. John, born ca 1865
    5. Ada, born ca 1869
    6. Moses A, born ca 1873
  6. John O. Collier, born 27 OCT 1832, TN. He married Amanda M. Broughton, 17 Nov 1853 in Smith County, Texas, daughter of Edward Thomas Broughton and Rachel Winborne Walker, born 6 May 1836. John died 23 JUN 1894 and Amanda died 5 DEC 1911. Both are buried in the Elkins Cemetery, Smith County, Texas. John served in the Confederate Cavalry, 6th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Wharton, Stone's). In 1875 he is listed as a member of Canton Lodge No. 98.
    1. Thomas "Tom" Broughton Collier, born 29 JAN 1855, Texas. He married (1) M.E./Mary Etta/Marietta/Mamie Caperton, 03 NOV 1883, in Smith County, Texas, born 06 FEB 1863, (daughter of Wallace Gary Caperton and Anna Margaret Ford) died 05 OCT 1912, buried: Bradford Cemetery, Troup, Smith County, Texas. He married (2) Mrs. Delphia Ann Robbins, 18 DEC 1915 (Marriage Book 21, page 583), in Smith County, Texas, born 1873, died 1954, buried: Bradford Cemetery, Troup, Smith County, Texas. Thomas died 07 SEP 1933, buried: Bradford Cemetery, Troup, Smith County, Texas. Information on the family of Thomas Broughton Collier was provided by: Robert E. Collier. Mamie and son Grady were burned to death in a accident.
      1. Clarence Henry Collier, born MAR 1888, Texas.
      2. Urna Collier, born 1892, Texas. She married Ralph McBride, buried: Houston, Texas. Urna buried: Houston, Texas.
      3. E. C. "Lizzie" Collier, born 11 OCT 1885, Texas, died 10 DEC 1918, buried: Bradford Cemetery, Troup, Smith County, Texas.
      4. Marietta Collier, born 1902-03, Texas. She married Russel B. Watson, 03 SEP 1926, in Smith County, Texas, born 1902-03.
      5. Mabel Collier, born JUN 1894, Texas. She married John Frank Bice, 08 JAN 1916, in Smith County, Texas, born 1892. Played piano for many years in Tyler.
      6. Thomas Caperton Collier, born 16 JAN 1898, Troup, Smith County, Texas. He married Margaret Isabell Ferguson, 08 AUG 1947, born 18 JUL 1908, Boonville, Indiana, died 1993, Austin, Texas, buried: Memorial Park, Austin, Texas. Thomas died 30 MAR 1984, Austin, Texas, buried: Memorial Park, Austin, Texas.
      7. F. Grady Collier, born 08 NOV 1906, died 05 OCT 1912, buried: Bradford Cemetery, Troup, Smith County, Texas.
    2. Rufus Oscar Collier, born 09 OCT 1858. He married James Annah Engledow, 18 JAN 1887, born 05 MAY 1864, daughter of ROBERT D. ENGLEDOW and HARRIET CATHERINE BELL died 20 JUN 1943, buried: Rosehill Cemetery Section C. Tyler, Smith Co, Texas. Rufus died 02 OCT 1944, buried: Rose Hill Cemetery, Section C, Tyler, Smith county, Texas. County Judge for Smith County, Texas at one time, recalls grandson, Dick Collier. She was called Jimmie. According to, Notes About the R. O. Collier Family, by Morris Collier, "Jimmie Engledow Collier was a vigorous and active person and did her job as wife and mother (ten children) with effectiveness and zeal. She was a talented doctor to her (and many other's) children. She constantly sang about her work all day long." PICTURES; 52nd Anniversary article
      1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mae Collier, born OCT 1887, Texas, died 1955, buried: Elkins Cemetery, Omen, Smith County, Texas. Morris stated that his sister, Elizabeth, was 17 years older than him. He was born in 1905, making Elizabeth born around 1888. she may have been the first born child. Early on was called Lizzie Mae. she was a devoted and loving big sister to all her siblings. She annexed Morris as her special project. She taught school all of her adult life and contributed to her family's expenses.
      2. Carl Oscar Collier, born JUN 1889, Texas. Was struck down by meningitus when a toddler, and was a complete invalid for his remaining 50 years.
      3. Robert Collier, born JUL 1890, died 1909, In the Red River. Bob was a precious youngster and was admitted to Summer Hill Select School . He died when Morris was 4 years old. A fisherman found his body in the Red River, presumably drowned.
      4. John O. Collier, born AUG 1892, Texas. He married Nannie Louise Thompson, 26 DEC 1915, in Smith County, Texas, born 1892, died 1955, buried: Elkins Cemetery, Omen, Smith County, Texas. John died 1975, buried: Elkins Cemetery, Omen, Smith County, Texas. Named after his grandfather. Was one of the better looking guys, and quite a ladies man. He taught for a few years.
      5. William Henry Collier, born MAR 1895, Texas. Called Bill. Was born a twin, but his sister was still born. He planned, worked and played while thinking for himself. He was making up songs about acquaintances - somewhat ribald - and sang them as he worked outdoors. He made independent decisions, like joining the army, going to Venezuela or elsewhere. At 90 he had never married.
      6. Unnamed stillborn girl, born MAR 1895, died MAR 1895.
      7. Zuella Collier, born 01 DEC 1897. She married Sany Bolfing. Zuella died 23 DEC 1980, buried: Elkins Cemetery, Omen, Smith County, Texas. Zuella was in the middle, never big or baby sister, always mixed up in everything being done. She was crippled since childhood, but never failing to do her share and during her adult life contributed to the family's support. She married late in life to Sany Bolfing, a citrus farmer. She was a devoted and faithful worker in the Baptist church.
      8. Waldo Emerson Collier, born MAY 1899, Texas. Waldo was calm, deliberate, studious and devoted to school, church and family.
      9. Jefferson Davis Collier, born 18 NOV 1900. He married Marguerite Ross, 12 JUN 1922, in First Baptist Church, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, born 01 FEB 1900, died 23 JUN 1985, buried: Elkins Cemetery, Omen, Texas. Jefferson died 11 APR 1980, buried: Elkins Cemetery, Omen, Texas. Waldo and Davis paired together throughout childhood and youth. This seems strange since they were so different in personality and talent, but were together side by side in a lively pace. Morris said that he thought that the two never fought. Davis was venturesome, even bold and somewhat of a leader in activities at school and play. He managed to get better paying jobs. Morris thought that Davis was the only one of the children that ever got a whipping at school from the principal.
      10. Morris Sheppard Collier, born 08 APR 1905, Omen, Smith County, Texas. He married (1) Sarah E. Clark, born 07 OCT 1904, died 15 FEB 1956, buried: Elkins Cemetery, Omen, Smith County, Texas. He married (2) Melba Willis. Morris died 22 FEB 1985, buried: 25 FEB 1985, Elkins Cemetery, Omen, Smith County, Texas. Graduated from Tyler High School and attended Austin College in Sherman. He worked for over 0 years and retired from the accounting department of the Lower Colorado River Authority. He was a member of the Central Presbyterian Church where he had been made an Elder Emeritus. He belonged to the Onion Creek Masonic Lodge#220, A.F. & A.M., Order of Eastern Star, Creedmore Chapter #607, Scottish Rite Bodies, Ben Hur Shrine Temple. Morris provided thefamily notes on the Collier family and gave them to Dick Collier, February 18, 1985, just a few days before he died.
      11. Mary Frances Collier, born 16 JUN 1906. She married Franc Creary. Mary died 18 NOV 1992, buried: Elkins Cemetery, Omen, Smith County, Texas. Was the baby & got proper attention, particularly from her Papa. she was inventive and made up games and "playmates". In school, she joined the glee club, took domestic art and domestic science, , and became able to make some clothes and cook. She was active in the Presbyterian Church, an Elder and taught Sunday School. (Interview 1977 in Chronicles, see sources.)
    3. Jefferson Davis Collier, born 15 FEB 1966, died 1 May 1950, buried in the Bradford Cemetery, Smith Co, Texas.
    4. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Collier, born 1868, Texas.
    5. Mittie Collier, born 1869, Texas.
    6. Frank Collier, born 1873, Texas.
    7. Nina Collier, born 1877, Texas. She married James A. Drake, 09 OCT 1898, in Smith County, Texas, born 1856.
      1. Beatrice "Trixie" Drake, born APR 1900, Texas.
      2. James D. Drake, born 1904, Texas.
  7. L. A. Collier, born 1837
  8. Margaret Collier, born 1841
  9. Martha Elizabeth Collier, born 28 SEP 1842, died 13 FEB 1883. She married Samuel M. Wright 20 APR 1865. He was born 26 JAN 1840, died 22 MAR 1890. They both are buried in the Elkins Cemetery, Smith County, Texas.
  10. Hugh Collier, born 1844
  11. James Collier, born 1845

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