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By Wanda Castoe

Basil HUMAN came to Tyler, Texas in 1853 from Morgan County, GA where he had a store. He was born 5 Apr 1813 probably in Elbert County, GA. He was the son of Jessiah Groves HUMAN and Sarah WOODS. Jessiah Groves Human was a preacher in Jackson County, GA. He was born 1 Mar 1791 in Elbert County, GA and died 12 Oct 1864 in Jackson County, GA. He married Sarah Woods 19 Jul 1810. Sarah was born in North Carolina and she died 8 Jan 1845 in Jackson County, GA. I do not know who Jessiah's parents are but he is the grandson of Bazzle and Isabella HUMAN of Elbert County, GA. Bazzle and his wife came from Maryland to Georgia stopping off in Caswell County, NC, where Bazzle and his son Alexander enlisted in the Revolutionary War.

Basil had 26 children by 2 wives. Only 14 lived to marry and have children. He married first Emmaliza GLORE, 17 Aug 1836 in Madison County, Georgia. Emmaliza was the daughter of Abner GLORE.

His children by Emmaliza are:

  1. Sarah Angelina Human, born 12 Apr 1839, GA; died 21 Mar 1887, Abilene, Texas; married John W. WOOTEN, 24 Dec 1857, Smith Co, Texas
  2. Carolina Clementine Human, born 9 May 1840, GA; died 28 Mar 1890; married William Monroe SPLAWN
  3. Jesse Gray Human, born 1 Oct 1841, GA; died 15 May 1918, Caldera, OK; married 1. Saphrona Kizzie NULL, 4 Jun 1961, Smith Co, Texas, 2. Pearl A. NULL, 30 Jun 1865, Smith Co, Texas, 3. Mary Virginia McDONALD, 4. Emma Lenora JARMON, 11 Jul 1896, Smith Co, Texas.
  4. Sophronia Elizabeth Human, born 1845, GA: died 14 Nov 1883, OK; married Benjamin Allen SPLAWN, 6 Jul 1865, Smith Co, Texas.
  5. Josephine Henreitta Human, born 24 Jun 1844, GA; married Benjamin L. HITT, 11 Oct 1865, Smith Co, Texas.
  6. Henry G. Human, born 1849, GA; married Mary Ann HUDNALL, daughter of Robert B. HUDNALL and Elizabeth BOWEN, 16 Nov 1869, Smith Co, Texas
  7. George Gilmore Human, born 1 Sep 1846, died 4 Apr 1902; buried Lindale, Texas; married Susan Enola POLLETT, daughter of Edgar POLLETT and Mary WOOTEN, 15 Feb 1868, Smith Co, Texas
  8. Harriett Eliza Human, born 1850, GA; married Benjamin F. DINGLER, 25 Dec 1866.
  9. Martha A. Human, born 1851, GA; married F. A. HALLIS, 23 Dec 1866.
  10. Abner Basil Human, born 1853.
  11. William G. Human, born 31 Aug 1853; died 6 Jun 1915; buried Oakwood Cemetery; married Phoebe Amelia CASPARY, 24 Oct 1876, Smith Co, Texas
  12. Laura Human, born 1855, GA
  13. Larkin Human, born 1858, Texas
  14. Newton Human, Born 1860, Texas

Basil was married to Amanda Matilda ELLIS, 14 Jun 1864, in Tyler, Smith Co, Texas.

Children by Amanda are:

  1. Francis A. Human, born 1865, GA; married I. H. BENNETT, JR, 25 Dec 1888, Smith Co, Texas
  2. John Human, born 1867, Texas; died at age 13
  3. Thomas J. Human, born 1869, Texas
  4. Bulah A. Human, married J. B. HASTY
  5. Joseph Daniel Human, married 1. Sallie EGGLESTON, 2. Lillian Mae LOWE
  6. Carrie Ora Human, Julius Francis ROSENSTEIN
  7. Jessie J. Human, married George S. MOORE.

An advertisement for P. Balder & B. A. Human appears in the Tyler Democrat Reporter, 7 Oct 1876. It states that they are fashionable boot and shoe makers - located on the south side of the public square.

Basil had a brother that lived in Tyler and is listed on the1860 Smith County Census (103a), Josiah G. HUMAN. He moved to Wills Point, Texas, and he was a partner in a drug store with a man named Bruce.

Basil died 4 Mar 1885 in Tyler, Texas, and is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery.


My great great grandfather, Jessie Gray HUMAN, was the first son of Basil & Emmaliza HUMAN.

He had a shoe store and grocery store in Tyler, Smith Co, Texas.

Jessie Gray Human married 4 times. His first 2 wives were sisters. S. Kizzie NULL and Permelia NULL, daughters of John NULL and Sarah BURCHOLTS. His third wife was Mary Virginia McDONALD, daughter of Charles Baker McDONALD and Francis M. RUBLE, and fourth wife was Emma Lenora JARMON. Family tradition is that Jesse Gray was in the Civil War in Missouri making shoes for the soldiers when the war ended. He rode a mule back to Tyler only find his wife, Kizzie had died when their baby was born. Her sister, Permelia was taking care of the baby, Jesse Marcus. Permelia saw him coming down the road and she grabbed the baby and said, "You can not have him he is mine."

Child of Jessie Gray Human and S. Kizzie Null:

  1. Jesse Marcus Human

Children of Jessie Gray Human and Permelia Null:

  1. Johnny Basil Human
  2. Zoe Human.

Children of Jessie Gray Human and Mary Virginia McDonald:

  1. Charlie Human, died age 2.
  2. Ritta Human (my grandmother), married George Franklin HUMAN, son of Henry G. HUMAN
  3. Albert C. Human, died age 4.
  4. Willis Gray Human
  5. Effie Human, married Oscar HOUK.

Children of Jessie Gray Human and Emma Lenora Jarman:

  1. June Grover Human
  2. Dewey Jarman Human
  3. Olive Human

Jesse Gray died 15 May 1918 in Calera, Oklahoma.

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