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David and Paula Hiett bought the property where the Jefferies-Littlejohn Cemetery is located. They immediately began to find out what they could about the Jefferies-Littlejohn families so that they can register the cemetery as an Historical Cemetery with the Texas Historical Commission.

When Paula was in the 8th grade in Austin she was a Junior Historian and one of their projects was to record cemeteries. When they obtained the property the first thing Paula did was to record the tombstones. She then went to the Smith County TXGenWeb Archives where she found a copy of the cemetery records. Not all of the stones that are listed have been found so she is anxious to get the cemetery cleaned up and find the missing stones.

David and Paula would also like to be in touch with descendants of these families.

The Cemetery is filled with limbs and debris - much probably from the last ice storm. The elderly man across the road said that the family used to come out and clean the cemetery ever so often but that it had not been cared for in some time. There was a padlock on the gate but no one knew where the key was. Heitts have removed the lock so that they can clean up the cemetery.
William C. Jefferies - 1809-1873
Evaline Jefferies, Wife of W. C. - 1816-1891
Although William C. Jefferies and his wife Evaline's tombstones are in pretty good shape, this tombstone was broken by a tree limb.

The Hiett's plan to clean the cemetery up but their first project is to build a retaining wall around the backside of the cemetery where the land was clear cut and gravel was removed. They want to prevent further erosion which is very near the fence. You can see some of this in the picture of David and Paula.

The Jefferies and Littlejohn families are very fortunate to have the Hietts interested in their cemetery. Not all land owners care about the cemeteries which are located near or on their property.

We are going to follow the progress of this clean-up and restoration so check back often.

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