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By Bobby Williams

William S. Walker & wife Amey

The William S. Walker family came from South Carolina. His father Mason D. was from Union District, SC. I have a census form from 1800 showing Mason with three males under age of ten years. This would include William, who was born 29 November, 1797, and died 21 Feb 1880. On January 5, 1823, he married Amey W. Holder. As stated in Biographical Souvenirs of Texas, Amey was born February 6, 1792, in France, and was the daughter of Daniel Holder. Amey died 23 May 1883. They are buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Tyler.

The W. S. Walker family came to Smith County in 1846, and lived there the rest of their lives. William and Amey were charter members of First Baptist Church in Tyler, where he was the first deacon and served for many years.

  1. William S. Walker, born 1797, South Carolina and died 1880. He married Amey W. Holder, born 1792 in France and died 1883.
    1. Mason D. (named after his grandfather), was born 1823, in Georgia, and died in 1896. He and his wife Elizabeth, born 22 Jan 1829, and died 7 May 1896, raised a family of five children. Mason and Elizabeth are buried at Oakwood Cemetery.
    2. Georgia Ann Martha was born 5 April 1825, and died 25 Jan 1895. She was married to Stephen Reaves, a judge, and also was a state senator, born 3 Sep 1816, and died 25 Sep 1905. He was also a charter member of First Baptist church and served as clerk there. They had a family of eight children and are buried at Oakwood Cemetery. Obituary
    3. William D., listed as "Uncle Billy" in the Oakwood cemetery records, was born 6 Feb 1827, and died 7 Mar 1914. He married Martha Jane Clay, born 24 Apr 1832, and died 28 Jun 1898. William and Martha had eight children and are buried at Oakwood Cemetery.
    4. Berryman Lee "Uncle Bum" was born 14 Aug 1829, and died 14 Apr 1926, at the ripe old age of 96. On 19 Jul 1859, he married 19 Jul 1859 Mary Agnes Murray, who was born 25 May 1838, and died 15 Jan 1887. He was a deacon at Dean Baptist Church. They are buried at Dean Cemetery. Uncle Bum was well known in Smith County. He was interviewed several times by Dr. Albert Woldert, author of A History of Tyler and Smith County, for use in his book. He enlisted as a private in the Confederate Army and achieved the rank of 3rd Lieutenant, serving in Co. I, Hubbard's 22nd Texas Infantry, served until the end of the war, and signed a Prisoner of War pardon at the end of the war in which he vowed to never again take arms against the government.
      1. William Lee was born 12 Oct 1860, and died 17 Jan 1936. On 3 Jul 1890, he married Eunice "Eunie" Harris, born 7 Jun 1871, and died 16 Jun 1957. They had one child and are buried at Beaird Cemetery in Tyler.
      2. Ida "Ita" B., (my great grandmother), was born 27 Jul 1862, and died 23 Jan 1934. She was married to two Ponder men who were not related. The first was 25 Nov 1880 to Alfred Ponder, by whom she had one child. Her second marriage on 19 Dec 1884, was to Lafayette F. Ponder, born 1853, and died 13 Sep 1898. Ida and Lafayette had six children. Lafayette is buried at Lorena, Texas. Ida is buried at Dean Cemetery in Tyler beside her first husband.
      3. James F. was born 31 Oct 1865. He was probably named after his Uncle James who died in the Civil War. James was married to Mable M. Motley. He was a founding partner in the Burks, Walker, Daniel Funeral home, which later became Burks, Walker, Tippett.
      4. Titus Murray was born 20 Nov 1866 and died young.
      5. Montie Texana, known as "Tex" was born 1 Apr 1868. She married Sam H. Shipley on 5 Jan 1898.
      6. Stephen William was born 10 Nov 1869, and died 15 Jun 1945. He was married to Elizabeth Barron, born 5 Aug 1883 and died 16 Sep 1947. They are buried at New Harmony cemetery.
        1. Monte Mildred, born 30 May 1907 and died 31 Jul 1966
      7. Pinkney Hutson was known as "Uncle Pink". He was born 17 Feb 1872, and died 3 Dec 1958, having never been married. His nephew relates that he made ribbon cane syrup for people in the community. He is buried at Dean Cemetery.
      8. Buddie, listed as "the sixth son" in the Family Bible, was born and died 9 Jan 1874. He is buried at Dean Cemetery.
      9. Joseph Vines, was born 1 Oct 1876, and died 10 Dec 1928. He married Linda Mae Wilson, born 4 Mar 1886, and died 19 Oct 1967. Joe and Linda had three children and are buried at Dean Cemetery.
      10. Sidney Daniel was born 14 Sep 1878, and died 27 Mar 1879. He is buried at Dean Cemetery.
    5. James Franklin, was born in 1832, and died in the Civil War Sep 1862. He was a Lieutenant in Co. D of Lewis' Battalion of Alabama Calvary. He married Ann M. Broughton 13 Sep 1855. They had two children.  Obituary

The old Walker family homestead is south of the Kelly Springfield Tire plant. When I was young I hunted squirrels on the "Walker Branch." This creek runs into Indian Creek below the railroad track.

SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Online Census Records of Smith Co, Texas

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