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Gary Elementary School - 1942

Miss Mildred Littlejohn's 1st Grade Class - 1942 - Gary Elementary School, Tyler Left to right

Front row:Marvin McMurrey, Benny Cone, Holiday Hayley, Marylyn Bryan, Louis Seigle, Elizabeth Connally, Colleen Gafney, Shirley Lee Vickery, Brooks Alexander, Damarius Ann McCoy, Margaret Ann Weitzmen, Franklin Stone, Carole Reames, Adrianne Haywood, Patsy McKenzie

Second Row:Maymerle Shirley, Lynda Macmillen, Pamala Arnold, Willa Nata Sewell, Sandra Harville, Laverne McKenzie, Glenn McElroy, Sammy Bright, Ruth Skelton

Third Row:Karey Gunn, Dough Inglish, Robert Pratt, Wayne Leake, James Dean Clark, David Dillehay, Joe Lee Holt, Bobbie Dean McMillan, Mildred Littlejohn

The writing on the back of the picture is very dim. If I have mispelled a name, please let me know and I will correct it.

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