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School Records


Records & Pictures

Arp - Overton First Grade Picture - Late 1920s or early 1930s
Center School and Church Pictures
Douglas Elementary School, Tyler, Texas Pictures of Percy Richardson's Classes - do you know any of the students?
Gary Elementary School, Tyler, Texas Graduation Exercises - 1923
1943 - Miss Littlejohn's 1st Grade Class
1959-60 - Class Picture
Garden Valley School ? Ethel Mae Lucas McFadden's Class
Hebron School Picture of Hebron School from around 1900
Mount Carmel School Pictures and copy of the Original Map of the Mount Carmel School District
Summer Hill Select School
Omen, Smith County, Texas
Summer Hill Select School Picture
Speech by Judge Nat W. Brooks concerning the Lawyers who had attended school there.
Three Pictures
Texas College Vesper Exercises, July 25, 1948
Troup School Troup School Pictures 1925 & 1930
Students from Omen Arp, & Troup
Tyler College
Letter to Pearl L. Davis
Tyler High School Yearbook - 1909
Alcalde Index - 1911
Alcalde Index - 1913
Alcalde Index - 1915
Alcalde Transcription - 1915
Alcalde Transcription - 1922
Alcalde Transcription - 1924
Alcalde Transcription - 1927 - THS & TJC
Alcalde Index - 1928 - THS & TJC
Alcalde Transcription - 1929 - THS & TJC
Tyler Junior College drama club,
Alcalde Transcription - 1927 - THS & TJC
"The Mascaras" - May 10, 1928
Alcalde Index - 1928 - THS & TJC
Alcalde Transcription - 1929 - THS & TJC
The Apache - 1938-39
Index to The Apache - 1960
Index to The Apache - 1961
Winona & Starrville Winona School - 1925
Winona School - 1933-34
Winona PTA (1950s) & Starville School Bus
Memories of School Days:
Tyler and Some Smith County Schools
By Alma Moore Freeland (1904-1991)
Readin' Writin' and 'Rithmetic - A Half Century and More of Remembrances of School Days
Academic & Professional Record of Dr. Alma Moore Freeland
Academic & Professional Record of John R. Moore
Academic & Professional Record of Mae Moore Campbell
The Troup Schools
Omen School System - Summer Hill Select School
Memories of Starrville School Teaching Days - a sequel to Starrville - The Second Time Around
Memories of Whitehouse School Days

These files are submitted by volunteers just like you! I make it a habit that anytime I work with records, whether for myself or to share with others, I submit them to the USGenWeb/TXGenWeb project. It doesn't take much extra effort and it really can help many people. I'm very grateful to the many volunteers for all the great info provided.
If you agree, please email, Scott Fitzgerald with your submission.

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