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THE APACHE - 1938-39
Tyler, Smith County, Texas

Submitted by Lawrence E. Oliver

NOTE: This transcription is from a personal copy of 'The Apache' for the class year of 1938-1939, generously provided for that purpose by Frank and Nila Glenn.

THE APACHE - 1938-39


To Mr. J. C. Henderson
We need not tell you why.



Mr. J. M. Hodges, President
Miss Lucile Douglas, Registrar
Mr. A. G. Jenkins, Dean
Miss Mildred Howell, Spanish And French
Mr. J. C. Henderson, Science
Mr. R. F. Smothers, Commercial Courses
Miss Ruth Rucker, Speech In English
Mrs. Elsie Smothers, Art
Mrs. Pearl Robertson, Education And Psychology
Miss Ina Roberts, Librarian
Mr. J. A. Poston, Mathematics
Mrs. Alma Moore Freeland, English
Miss Mabel Williams, Science
Miss Adele Henderson, History
Mr. E. A. Lawyer, Engineering-Drawing
Mrs. S. T. Jones, Government
Miss Mary D. Walker, Foods



Morris Daniels, Vice President, "a textbook wired for sound."
Marian Harris, Secretary, "born with the gift of laughter and a sense
     of the world is man."
Dean King, President, "as the Rolling Stone gathers no moss, so the roving
     heart gathers no affection."


Cleo Pollard, "facts are stubborn things."
Virgil Kersch, "I am a lover and have not found anything to love."
Van Samford, "as unconquerable as chewing gum."
Sarah Bess Beard, "'tisn't beauty, so to speak, nor good talk necessary. It's
     just it."
Kenneth Ragsdale, "he talks by faith and not by sight."
Laverne Hoskins, "what wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?"
Marjorie Ferrell, "as likable day she is lookable."
Leonard Hoffman, "he admits there are two sides to every question - his own
     and the wrong side."
Zepha Landrum, "favors to none, to all her smile extends."
Paul Watts, "a smile as contagious as a yawn."
James Branham, "I escort more girls home than anybody else in T. J. C.."
Jon Beth Shelton, "how pure in heart and and sound in mind!"
Odell Myers
Joyce Lancaster, "doubt whom you will, would never yourself."
Lee Newcomb, "the fickleness of the women I love it is equalled only by the
     infernal constancy of the women who love me."
Lois Barnes, "if I pass out, don't lose my chemistry notes."
Leon Lukenbill, "as close together as three ticks of the clock."
Harrison Beaird, "'when we get another paper?' Is a red flag to the bull in
Floreid wills, "respected for her knowledge and noted for her dependableness."
Mitchell Unis, "he wears his thoughts on his tongue."
Byron Kilpatrick
Louise Campbell, "'Twas her thinking of others made you think of her."
George Rudy, "he has a concrete opinion - thoroughly mixed and permanently
Leonard Cannaday, "like a spring onion, strong enough for anything."
Wilton Fair, "he who hesitates is bossed."
Gladys Shaw, "wedding is destiny and hanging likewise."
Geraldine Sanders, "she has a flirtive look in her eye."
Virgil Kidd, "I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for
Maxine McGown, "I agree with no man's opinion; I have some of my own."
Elmer Hitt, "where's Elmer?  Hitt don't make no difference."
Sam Bailey, "he came, he saw, he concurred."
Corinne Sadler, "genius?  Nay, 'tis the wind and nothing more."
Horace Wayne Potter, "wild oats will gets sown and one of the arts of life is
     to sow them at the right time."
O.N. Cole, "he doesn't give in, give over, give up, give out - just gives."
James Ferrell, "you have to live a lot of your life with yourself. You may as
     well learn to enjoy your own company."
Herbert Branham, "thank heavens, the sun has gone in and I don't have to go
     out and enjoy it."


Max Walton, Vice President, Engineers Club
Lamerne Layton, Secretary, Las Mascaras; Pre-Laws; W. A. A.
Justin Pinkerton, President, Las Mascaras; Pre-Laws; Student Council


Charles Stripling, Las Mascaras
Mary Lou Barton, W. A. A.
Helen Hudnall, Las Mascaras, W. A. A., Debate
William Joe Dean, Las Mascaras, Pre-Laws, Debate
Lyle Ross Hankerson, Las Mascaras, W. A. A.
Mertie Scroggins, W. A. A.
Betty Bowlen, Las Mascaras, W. A. A.
Marjorie Bailey, W. A. A., Las Mascaras
Juanita Clanahan, Las Mascaras, W. A. A., Engineers
Mitty Mae Head, W. A. A.
Pat Clark, W. A. A, Debate, Las Mascaras
Melba Tipps, W. A. A.
George H. Danny, Las Mascaras, Pre-Laws
Justin Pinkerton, Las Mascaras, Pre-Laws
Virginia Ruth Morris, Las Mascaras, W. A. A.
Frances Robertson, Las Mascaras, W. A. A.
Barbara Sutherland, Debate, Las Mascaras, W. A. A.
Laverne Eby, Las Mascaras, W. A. A
Opal Wester, W. A. A.
N. L. Webster, Engineers, Las Mascaras
Helen Nantz, W. A. A
Ben Horton, Pre-Laws
Mayo Callicoatte, Engineers
Faye Armstrong, W. A. A.
Inez Holmes, W. A. A
Barbara Murphy, Las Mascaras, W. A. A., Pre-Laws
James Hutton, Pre-Laws
Verdine Owen, W. A. A.
Johnny C. Gibson, Basketball
Meton Morris, Pre-Laws
Lamerne Layton, Las Mascaras, Pre-Laws, W. A. A.
Fred Hals, Las Mascaras, Pre-Laws
Bonnie Seals, W. A. A.
Clara Belle Neill, W. A. A.
Boston Turner, Las Mascaras, Pre-Laws
Sarah Bell Ginn, Pre-Laws, Las Mascaras, W. A. A.
Jim Constantine, Pre-Laws
Isabelle Smith, W. A. A.
Mary Jane Herrell, Las Mascaras, W. A. A.
Verna Maisie Kelly, W. A. A.
Dorothy Bearden, Las Mascaras, Debate, W. A. A.
Katie Mcminn, W. A. A.
Juanita Davis, W. A. A.
Philip Salah, Las Mascaras, Pre-Laws
Melvin Gertz, Engineers, Las Mascaras
Myrdelle Compton, Las Mascaras, W. A. A.
Wymon Murdoch, Pre-Laws
Verna Horton, W. A. A.
Wanda Moyer, Las Mascaras, Other Time Occupied
Woodrow Ferguson, Engineers, Drummer Deluxe
Warren Howard, Mystery Man
M. W. Fitzgerald, Campus Patrolmen
William Mcginney, Las Mascaras, Other Time Occupied
Imogene Pearson, W. A. A.
Barbara Scott, Las Mascaras, W. A. A.
Ann Marie Richbourg, Las Mascaras, Debate, W. A. A.
Adelle Neely, W. A. A.
Nita Mae Baughman, W. A. A.
Mary Claire Moore, W. A. A.
Max Walton, Engineers



Miss Sara Bess Beard
Odell Myers


Miss Evelyn Atwood, Dutchess to Marshall
Miss Lamerne Layton - Justin Pinkerton
Miss Helen Hudnall, Princess to Paris


Miss Honeymoon Paris



Know all men by these presents; that if:

you have been apprehended while purloining fowls; U.S. agents discovered you at your distillery; it is a late age that you wore seen with another's sweetheart; your spouse desires to absent you permanently from her company; your creditors are clamoring for an appointment of your debts; your paternal ancestor doubts your words; his jilting you has necessitated heart balm; you can't arrange your own bail; you desire a nice inexpensive quote blowing up";

Being engineers, you have utilized too much silicon in concrete; you have diluted gasoline with an excess of water; you have substituted wood for steel;

And you have not - as we have by intensive study - prepared your retintive minds to defend and exonerate yourself of all blame in the acts aforementioned and multitudes of unmentionables, we are counselors at your service.

Where and two we have set her hands this day of 1939, and here we, the undersigned, present our lovely sweetheart - Miss Lamerne Layton.

Leonard Hoffman, George Denny, Mildred McDaniel (secretary), Sam Bailey (president), Fred Hales, Darwin Everett, William Dean, Mr. Jenkins (sponsor), the Jane, George Rudy, Barbara Sutherland, Mitchell Unis, Barbara Murphy, Clara Belle Ginn, Harrison Beaird, Thomas Hathaway, Paul Watts, Justin Pinkerton (vice president)


1939 debate officers:

O. N. Cole, President
Sam Bailey, Vice President
Jon Beth Shelton, Secretary
Leon Lukenbill, Treasurer
Marian Parris, Reporter
Justin Pinkerton, Sergeant
N. L. Webster, Publicity Chairman
William Dean
Fred Hals
Ann Marie Richbough, Group Chairman
Helen Hudnall, Entertainment Chairman


James Hugh Daniels, James Holtz, Mayo Callicoatte, Alan Abernathy, James Branham, Bill Spencer, N. L. Webster (Vice President), Edwin Preston, Max Walton (Secretary), Buddy Gertz (President), Edwin Arvin, Weldon Peacock, Jack Ingram, Byron Kilpatrick, Juanita Clanahan


Miss Adelle Henderson (Sponsor), Frances Brown, Betty Wolfe, Josephine Upchurch, Mrs. Arthur Mayberry (Sponsor), Laverne Eby (Treasurer), Ann Marie Richbourg (Secretary), 
Elizabeth Calhoun (President), Dorothy Bearden (Vice President), Barbara Sutherland (Secretary)


Jon Beth Shelton (Secretary), Morris Daniels (President), Miss Mildred Howell (Sponsor), John Glenn, Conradita Sanchez, Marjorie Farrell (Vice President), Leon Lukenbill (Treasurer)


T. J. C. - State Champions 1938

William Ward (Coach), Bill Turk (Manager), Leonard Cannaday (Guard), Johnny Gibson (Forward), Howard Horton (Forward), Gabe Gilley (Guard), Van Samford (Center - Co-Captain), Horace Potter (Forward - Co-Captain), Morris Samford (Guard), Lee Newcomb (Forward), Claud Brown (Guard), "Agie" Cannaday (Forward), Bill Trent (Forward), T. B. Swinney (Guard), Milner Moss (Guard), Leland Casey (Guard), Scott Jenkins (Center), Jack Emmons (Forward)


Mitchell Unis (Assistant Business Manager), Dean King (Representative), Sam Bailey (Representative), Carl Newton (Sports), Harold Bean (Sports), Mr. J. C. Henderson (Adviser), Buddy Gertz (Business Manager), Evelyn Atwood (Representative), Max Walton (Representative), Harrison Beaird (Editor), Myrdelle Compton (Representative), George Mcmillan ("The Farm Kid"), Barbara Murphy (Representative), Billy Spencer (Features Stories), Elizabeth Stinnett (Representative), Pat Clark (Representative), Mr. J. A. Posten (Financial Adviser), Lamerne Layton (Representative), Helen Hudnall (Features Editor)


Helen Hudnall (Snapshooter), Byron Kilpatrick (Assistant Editor), Wanda Moyer (Types), Buddy Gertz (Assistant Business Manager), Mildred Mcdaniel's (Sales), Leon Lukenbill (Business Manager), Odell Myers (Editor), Jon Beth Shelton (Organizations), Honeymoon Parris (Features Editor), Joyce Lancaster (Printers Demon)


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