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Contributed by Lawrence Oliver

Published by The Senior Classes of Tyler High School and Junior College Martha DeLay - Editor Jesse Taylor - Manager Lorene Rowell - Editorial Sponsor Maud Peters - Financial Advisor FORWARD If, when in later years you look through this book, its pages bring anew memories of the past and put you to dreaming of those dear old days of '29, we, the staff, shall feel that our work was not all in vain. DEDICATION As an expression of our gratitude to Miss Lorene Rowell the exemplary sponsor of this annual, by whose faithful, sincere, efficient, and untiring interest this treasury of memories has been made possible, we dedicate to her the Alcalde of 1929. SCHOOLS ADMINISTRATION Mr. J.M. Hodges, Superintendent of Public Schools and President of Tyler Junior College Mr. S.B. Burk, Principal of Tyler High School Mrs. Roy C. Owens, Assistant Principal of Tyler High School Miss Florence Campbell, Secretary Miss Annie Mae Byrum, Secretary TYLER HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Miss Mattie Jones, English and Public Speaking Mr. Ralph Webb, Chemistry and Physics Miss Mary Walker, Home Economics Miss Gladys Yarbrough, Home Economics Miss Mary Bourne, Latin Mr. H.P. Chandler, Mathematics Mrs. S.T. Jones, History and Social Science Mrs. J.T. Oden, History Miss Leta Yarbrough, Spanish Miss Alice Douglas, Clothing Mrs. Louise Preston Haynes, Physical Training Miss Sondheim Keeton, Science Miss Louise Glenn, Music Mr. T.G. Wray, Manual Training Miss Jewel Camp, History Mr. J.A. Poston, Mathematics Mrs. Katherine Curtis Foltz, Biological Science Miss Sarah Marsh, English Mre. E.A. Lawver, Mechanical Drawing Mrs Grace Atkins, Study Hall Mr. Geo. A. Foltz, Physical Training Miss Mittie Marsh, English Miss Maud Peters, Mathematics Miss Lorene Rowell, English Mr. J.P. Slack, History Mrs. Willie V. Moore, Mathematics Miss Lillian Martin, Spanish Miss Lois Tipton, English and Latin BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. J.C. Hale, President Mr. Gerry Connally Judge Tom Ramey, Jr. Mr. Thel Williams Mr. R.W. Fair Mr. T.L. Odom Mr. J.H. Barron TYLER HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS THE MID-TERM GRADUATING CLASS OF 1929 OFFICERS Dozier Perdue - President Thelma Bright - Vice President Leon N. Gorsline - Secretary HONORS Catherine Haralson, First Honor Student Leon Gorsline, Second Honor Student MEMBERS OF NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Catherine Haralson Clifton Phillips MEMBERS Acker, Mary Ruth Adams, Mable Adams, Margaret Rose Barbee, Katie Beal, D.F. Birdwell, Florence Bright, William Brown, Edwin Buster, John Byron, Mildred Carter, Howard Carpenter, Fred Casey, Lessie O. Choate, Hester Crawford, John Donahue, James Estes, Mildred Flowers, Virgie Mae French, Jack Haralson, Catherine Hayes, Harry Hughes, Frances Ruth Jones, Clayton Lewis, Dorris Lindsay, Ernest Longley, George McMillan, George Phillips, Clifton Pierce, Thelma Rice, Edith Richardson, Nina Evelyn Robison, Ruth Hazel Scott, Lucile Shank, Roy Smith, Elizabeth Simmons, Esther Tharpe, Thomas Clyde Weakley, Elwood Wham, Mildred Jeanne Wiley, Clarice THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1929 OFFICERS Coulter Matthews - President, Fall Term Frank Reeves - President, Spring Term Forrest Reynolds - Vice-President, Spring Term Bernice Dew - Secretary SENIOR CLASS MEMBERS Adams, Elsie Alexander, Lat Allen, F. Willie Anderson, Samuel M. Apperson, Helen Louise Balfour Ruth Barton, Finis Beal, Harry Bickley, Lois Bradshaw, Tom Brooks, Ruby Butler, L.A. Jr. Butler, Lucile Clark, Adeline Clark, Marvel Clyburn, Faye Cobb, Louie Cohen, Mary Cole, Gilbert Cook, Helen Crow, Rachel Culpaper, Edna Daniel, Eunice Dark, Estelle Dean, Louise DeBord, Marjorie DeLand, Leah DeLay, Martha Elliot, Annie Faulkner, Odavie Gabbert, Mildred Gafford, Frances Ginn, Opal Gourley, Carra Gourley, Vivian Greer, Carl Grimes, Steadley Harman, Hazel Harris, Agnes Harton, Cecyl Faye Haynes, Betty Hill, Marcella Hill, W.N. Hocutt, Justine Holley, Ruth Holliman, Grace Holt, Evelyn Horton, Daisy Huddle, Hildrey Hudson, Hines Hughes, Mary Jocobs, Mildred Johnson, Tilden Jones, Claud Kelly, Henrietta Krumholz, Rosa Lewine, Regina Long, Tom Lovelady, R.L. Jr. Lowry, Otto Lucas, Richard McClure, Jeanette McMahon, Janie McMahon, Juanita Malavansos, Susanna Messer, Raymond Messer, Ross A. Miles, Ruby Milner, Letha Mae Mullins, Regina Murphy, Lance L. Neely, Hazel Nettles, Kathryn Newman, Doris Odom, Kathryn Owen, Dan Parker, Lucille Pecot, Jewel Pierce, Aquilla Potter, Hazel Aline Powell, Helen Quattlebaum, Juanita Reynolds, Forrest W. Ridings, Anna Laura Riley, Norrine Roberts, Elizabeth Roth, Etta Rumbo, Benton Rumbo, W.B. Saleh, Albert Saleh, Josephine Sanders, Mary Opal Seale, Geneva Sheley, James Simmons, Durley W. Simmons, Fay Smith, Edwin Smith, Lloyd Spence, Elizabeth Stanford, Sam H. Staples, Glenn Stein, LaBelle Stone, Von Stovall, Jack Strange, Frances Swann, Carroll Taylor, Catherine Taylor, Jesse Terry, Homer Lee Thomas, Roland C. Turner, Ross C. Veasey, Oleta Waren, Lillian Irene Watkins, Stillman Weiss, Mary White, Howard 'Pete' Wilson, Louise Wilson, Rebecca Wofford, Lafayette Wolf, Florence Wood, Jacc Wood, Virginia Lavon Woodward, Alice Elizabeth Wright, John Yarbrough, Donald Victor Yarbrough, Frank TYLER HIGH SCHOOL JUNIORS THE JUNIOR CLASS OF 1929 OFFICERS Cone Carter - President Theo Allen - Vice-President Lorene Neill - Secretary JUNIOR CLASS MEMBERS Abbott, Mary Albertson, Dorothy Alexander, Lynn Allen, Iva Lee Alston, Charles Arnold, Kathleen Aten, Floyd Atwood, Wilburn Baker Clyde Baker, Doris Baker, Sydney Boren, Louise Brooks, Helen Buster, Virginia Cade, Joe Henry Cade, Louise Cardwell, Eula Chandler, Lura Clements, Mary Waller Cobb, Elizabeth Connally, David Conaway, Mildred Cook, Donald Corbin, Lewis Corbin, Vera Nell Corley, Ibera Crook, F.F. Davis, Olney Eisen, Ida Eubanks, George Fridkin, Frank Gray, Hazel Gray, Willard Hairston, Jack Harville, Neal Herrin, George Hodges, John Elton Hollinshead, Lloyd Hollinshead, Teretha Howard, Claude Hutchinson, Ruth Jackson, Ruth Johnson, Hazel Jones, Melba Kamel, Lena Kay, Royal Lowry, Lance McConnell, Olene McLaughlin, Mary Mardock, Lucille Martin, Alinda Martin, Myrl Martindale, Louise Meadow, George Meyer, Johnnie Miller, Louise Mills, Weldon Murphy, Oren Nash, Ruth Nunn, Alene Palmore, Billy Perdue, Dorothy Mae Pounders, Billy Reagen, Christine Reynolds, Henry Scurlock, Norman Seay, Clara Smith, Katherine Smith, Mitchell Smith, Sol Thurmond, Howard Tipton, Harvey Talbert, Irene Talbert, Edith Urban, Quinn Vaughn, Jim Weiss, Ora Mae Wheeley, Bessie Mae Whittington, John Whitney, Richard Wilson, Ruth UNDERCLASSMEN SOPHOMORES Bailey, Sara Bradberry, Loyd Darnell, Vivian Ellerd, J.R. Exum, Arthur Gaston, Bob Golenternek, Etta Greert, Robert Gregory, Clifford Huey, Roger Ilfrey, Billie Jacobs, C.W. Jurney, Margaret Kaemmerlen, Leo Kitchens, Frank Krumholz, Aaron Nerrin, Myrlene Nichols, Dorothy Joe Poston, Hazel Potter, Harold Prestwood, Pat Saleh, Matilda Saleh, Mitchell Shaw, Milbry Shuttlesworth, Marcus Skinner, Grace Moore Shuford, Harry Stokes, Margaret Welch, Herschel Wisdom, Woodrow Womack, Louise FRESHMEN Alexander, Woodrow Barbee, Hoyt Barber, Louise Brogan, C.J. Burns, Thelma Burton, Harris Dean, Estelle Foshee, Edna Hairston, J.D. Henslee, Virginia Hill, Allene Humphreys Johnson, Arthur Jones, Vivian Kamel, George Kidd, Laura Lee, Marie Frances Lewis, Elsie Longley, Elizabeth Maynor, Margaret McBride, H.J. McConnell, Miss Morris, John S. Odom, Martha Price, Ned Riddle, Fanny Robison, James Roosth, Harold Shuttlesworth, Florene Taylor, Hazel Thompson, Verna T.H.S. ACHIEVERS OF 1928 HONOR GRADUATES OF SPRING 1928 First honor student, David Krumholz. Second honor student, Sarah Malloy. Members of National Honor Society: David Krumholz, Wesley Davis, Annie Price, Floreid Wills, Joe Golenternek, Elsie Loggans, Doris Williford, Carroll Kay, Bernice Boone, Morris Burton, Opal Klutts, Pauline Marsh, Celian Loggins, Gertrude Marmar, Ruth Cardwell, Alma Brown, Velma Smith, Tennie Boring, Brannon Taylor, Sarah Malloy, Essie Hill. LATIN TOURNAMENT 1928 In the Spring of 1928 the Latin Department of Tyler High School distinguished itself by winning many honors in the annual Latin Tournament, in both the district and the state contests. In the East Texas District contest held at Palestine in April the awards won by Tyler students were as follows: January beginners: Louise Wilie and Eleanor Luker, tie for first place. September beginners: Hazel Gray, first place; Sunshine Neely, second place. Team prize: a silver loving cup. Second year: Bill Watson, first place; Helen Louise Apperson, second place. Team prize: a silver loving cup. Third year: Richard Lucas, second place. First year essays: Sushine Neely, first place; Thelma Compton, second place. Second year essays: Lionel Aiken, first place; Frances Strange, third place. Third year essays: Richard Lucas, second place; Stillman Watkins, third place. Fourth year: Elsie Loggans, first place. In the state tournament the following students were awarded places of honor: Louise Wilie, Hazel Gray, Lionel Aiken. This spring the East Texas District Latin Tournament will be held in Tyler on April 12. The following students will represent Tyler High School in this contest: January beginners, Elizabeth Herrin, Lulu Neil; First year: Louise Wilie, Josephine Brinkerhoff; Second year: Lucille Starnes, Mary Helen Grider; third year: Hazel Gray, Ila Mallett. TYLER HIGH SCHOOL 1929 ALCALDE STAFF Martha DeLay, Editor-in-Chief Mary Hughes, Assistant Editor Jesse Taylor, Business Manager Howard White, Advertising Manager Sol Smith, Ass't Advertising Manager Louise Dean, Circulation Manager Agnes Harris, Organizations Editor W.F. Bright Staff Photographer Norine Riley, Staff Photographer Elizabeth Roberts, Calendar Editor Helen Louise Apperson, Jokes Editor Frank Reeves, Boys' Athletics Louise Zarr, Girls' Athletice Marjorie DeBord, Artist Richard Lucas, Artist Colquit Wooten, Artist Elsie Adams, Artist Donald Yarbrough, Senior Representative Thelma Bright, Senior Representative B.F. Crook, Junior Representative TYLER JUNIOR COLLEGE Lura Mae Burton, Co-Editor Frances Poston, Co-Editor Bill Scurlock, Business Manager TYLER JUNIOR COLLEGE ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY J.M. Hodges, President, Peabody College for Teachers, B.S. William Aubrey Nelson, Mathematics, University of Texas, M.A. Mary V. Henderson, History, University of Texas, M.A. Allene Brandenburg, English, Peabody College for Teachers, M.A. Mildred Howell, Language, University of Missouri, M.A. Ralph Webb, Science, University of Arkansas, B.S. Mrs. Pearl Robertson, Education, University of Texas, B.A. Louise Glenn, Music, College of Industrial Arts, B.S. Sam Bryan Burk, Education, Columbia University, M.A. Mary D. Walker, Home Economics, College of Industrial Arts, B.S. Mrs. Louise Preston Haynes, Physical Training, North Texas State Teachers College, B.S. Ina Roberts, Librarian, Tyler Junior College TYLER JUNIOR COLLEGE GRADUATES Imogene Allen Maurine Balfour Grace Helen Beam Ardell Blackwell Hansel Boyette Marvin Brown Lura Mae Burton Bertha Byrum Curtis Francis Annelle Griffin Otto Heffler Mabel Herrin Ruby Lawrence Elsie Loggans Pauline Marsh Isabel Mayfield Lottie Ray Marguerite Ray Lilla Mae Rice Bill Scurlock Helen Thedford Bonnie Mae Williams Clara Woodward TYLER JUNIOR COLLEGE UNDERGRADUATES Virginia Bettis Harry Bindler Bernice Boone Tennie Boring Alma Brown Gayle Bunnell Morris Burton Margarette Butts Mildred Byron Ruth Cardwell Gaston Coleman John Crawford Bonnie Lee Dunwoody Willie Edelman Marie Ellison Robert Estes Lottie Fortner Lash Garrard Joe Golenternek Earl Gorsline Elsie Haddad Lauree Hale Luther Hale Edith Harville Essie Hill Otis Hulser Merril Johns Raymond Johnson J.E. Johnston Carroll Kay Ellen Lake Frances Laughlin Mary Agnes Lineham Jim Loftin, Jr Kathleen Lockhart Robert McCoy Carroll McCrary Lucile Nunn Elizabeth Odom L.D. Pate Paul Peters Frances Poston Edward Potter Annie Price Ila Roberts Isadore Rosth Joe Scott Helen Seaman Roy Shelton Lois Smith Earl Story Aline Thomas Janie Ussery Bill Watson Harry Werner Charles Wilie Aileen Williams Doris Williford Jessie Faye Yates John Zorn TYLER JUNIOR COLLEGE STUDENT OFFICERS Bill Scurlock, President Carroll Kay, Vice-President Alma Brown, Secretary Carroll McCrary, Treasurer TYLER JUNIOR COLLEGE STUDENT FACULTY ADVISORY COUNCIL Edward Potter, Chairman Miss Henderson Mr. Nelson Mr. Webb Robert Estes Annie Price Helen Thedford Merrill Johns

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